Rhythm Country & Blues

Exploring and celebrating the roots of popular American music through duets of legendary Country Music and R&B artists.

Hart Perry

Dana Heinz Perry

PBS 1994- “Rhythm Country & Blues” unites the music of Memphis and Nashville by pairing performers such as Lyle Lovett and Al Green, Trisha Yearwood and Aaron Neville, and George Jones and B.B. King.  It takes a look at the recording sessions that resulted in a collection that artfully and gracefully transcends the boundaries of race, radio, and record companies.

Also featured is archival footage that places these musical styles in historical context and underscores their cultural importance to the American music scene.


Monitor Award Best Director
2 Grammys for music


“…[this] isn’t just a making-of film, [Director] Hart Perry constructs a document that’s a travelogue, a social history of segregation and a musical delight…” -New York Newsday


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